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Farinha de Casca de Maracujá

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Auxilia a regularizar a função intestinal; É auxiliar no controle da diabetes e do colesterol.
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Farinha de Casca de Maracujá

Descrição Geral

Apresentação: Pote com 200g.
A Farinha de maracujá (fruta encontrada com abundância no Brasil), é  rica em uma substância chamada PECTINA, uma fibra solúvel que no nosso organismo forma um gel, dificultando a absorção de carboidratos . 
A casca do maracujá (parte branca) em sua composição geral é rica em PECTINA, NIACINA (vitamina B3), FERRO, CÁLCIO, E FÓSFORO. 
Fibra da casca do maracujá (farinha de maracujá) 



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Product description

Marca: Schraiber Referência: MARACU

Nutritional Information
Presentation: 200g-jar.
The fiber found in the peel of the passion fruit or passion fruit peel powder is a supplement indicated to supplement fiber intake, and helps regulate intestinal function, help in controlling diabetes and cholesterol.
Passion Fruit Peel Powder (fruit found in abundance in Brazil) has properties that control blood sugar for being rich in PECTIN, a soluble fiber that forms a gel-like mass, which makes harder the overall absorption of carbohydrates, inclusive of glucose.
Passion Fruit Peel (white part) is rich in PECTIN, NIACIN (vitamin B3), IRON, and CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS.
VITAMIN B3 (Niacin): Helps transform food into the energy necessary to produce hormones, while preventing gastrointestinal complications. Pellagra is a disease that originates from the lack of this vitamin or the amino acid tryptophan, as it is a requirement for the production of niacin. This food, further to carrying reduced amounts of tryptophan, presents niacin fractures that result in lessened absorption of this vitamin.
IRON: A component of vital importance to hemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen from the lungs into the muscles. Iron deficiency tends to cause tiredom during activities that require physical effort.
CALCIUM: Essential to maintain strong teeth and bones. It is found in milk and its derivates, vegetables such as cabbage, turnip and mustard, and seafood such as sardines, clams and oysters. The lack of calcium may cause muscle cramps and, in the long run, osteoporosis.
PHOSPHORUS: A component found in all cells, inclusive of DNA, RNA and ATP. It is found in wholegrain cereals, egg yolk, fishes, milk, poultry, vegetables and nuts. Essential element to the balancing of pH (acidity/alkalinity). 
•   Supplies important nutrients
•   Controls cholesterol
•   Controls diabetes
Fiber of passion fruit peel (passion fruit powder)